Air Conditioning Services in Geelong

The Victorian summer can be extremely intimidating - let Bennett Electrical & Air Conditioning in Geelong help prepare you for the heat with our air conditioning expertise.

Nathan Bennett and the team specialise in the installation, repairs and maintenance of split system air conditioners, operating all over Geelong, the Surf Coast, Bellerine, and Melbourne.

Split system air conditioners consist of two units - one indoors and one outdoors - and are connected by pipes containing refrigerant gas.

They are the most common type of air conditioner available in Australia and suitable for most homes.

We will always do our best to take aesthetics, functionality, and the environment into consideration while installing your system.

Not only are these systems quiet, compact, efficient, and easy to install in your home or business, but they're also relatively inexpensive compared to other heating and cooling systems and will save you money on your energy bill in the years to come.

If you're looking to invest in air conditioning for your home or office, get in touch with Bennett Electrical & Air Conditioning today to learn more - and ask us about a no-obligation free quote.

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